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8, -35.564, 139.098
State of Clamash
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityWahanta
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesLatinian/Castellanese
 • GovernorNewt Yartel
 • Vice Governor
LegislatureClamash Legislature
 • Estimate (2015)3,859,214
TimezoneWUT +9

Clamash, officially the State of Clamash, is a state on the west coast of the Federal States of Archanta. It borders the Sea to the west, Tauhon to the north, Sierra to the northeast, Riopoderos to the east, Aquilia to the southeast, Wahauja to the south, and the nation of Deodeca to the south. Its capital is Clifford, and largest city is Wahanta.


The name Clamash originates from the Clamash River. The river's name is derived from the Castellanese word "clamar" which refers to the loud rapids of the river. Over the years, the Clamar River was Ingerishized to the modern name of Clamash.


Clamash is characterized by mountainous terrain, except for two regions: the Henrietta River Valley and the coastline. The Henrietta River flows north and then west across the entire length of the state, and most agricultural activity occurs near the river and its tributaries.

Clamash is divided into 17 counties. Cortizas County is the largest by area. Trentonson County is one of the smallest counties, but is the most populated.

List of Counties

Name County Seat Largest city Area in km² Area in sq mi Population Population per km²
Briggs County Port Union Port Union
Chester County Thorbecke TBD
Cortizas County Quitman Quitman
Grelling County Grelling Center Grawton
Huntington County Herbert TBD
McGeorge County TBD TBD
Meade County Clifford Clifford
Nepoee County TBD TBD
Pahareek County Dunlap Dunlap
Plummer County Fort Bellis Fort Bellis
Purchase County TBD TBD
San Ramon County San Ramon Robertsville
Sidney County Marcher TBD
Strawes County TBD TBD
Trentonson County Wahanta Wahanta
Valley County Gantiac Gantiac
Verde County Cook Springs Cook Springs


The largest sectors in Clamash's economy are agricultural, forestry, tourism, healthcare, mining, transportation, and financial. Most of the state's economic activity occurs in the Wahanta metropolitan area. Several large companies have headquarters in Clamash. These companies include Huckelberry's, Greeley Mart, Fossill, ConcordaHealth, Second National Bank, Sir Saves-A-Lot, Mutual of Wahanta, and Bassett-Leyton Hotel Brands. See Businesses of Clamash for more information.



Clamash has one public university system, the University of Clamash. The flagship university is the University of Clamash-Gantiac. Other campuses are the University of Clamash-Port Union, and University of Clamash-Wahanta. Clamash has one state college system. Clamash has one community college system.


The two primary motorways in Clamash are Motorway 50 and Motorway 91. There are several more freeways in the Wahanta-Clifford metropolitan area, as well as an extensive network of state routes.
Current Clamash state highway sign which was adopted in 1929. This sign is for State Highway 55)

The Sunsetter is a passenger rail service in west FSA. The main stations in Clamash are located in Wahanta and Gantiac. Freight rail lines cross the state connecting The Lakes Region with the Port of Wahanta and the port in Jundah, Tauhon.

There are two commercial airports in Clamash: Wahanta-Clifford International Airport and Dunlap Regional Airport in the southern portion of the state.

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