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The Federal States of Archanta (FSA), commonly known as the Federal States, is a federal republic composed of 64 states and a federal district. The Federal States span 1.2 million square miles with a population of xxx million people, making the Federal States the second largest country in the world in terms of land area behind KA001, and the ____st largest country in the world in terms of population.

5, -37.717, 153.154
Federal States of Archanta
"Semper Libertas"
Liberty Forever
Largest cityStanton
DemonymEffesian, Archantan
CurrencyFederal States Dollar (FSD)
Internet TLD.fs



Collaboration:OGF:Federal States/History

1805: The city of Huntington was founded

Geography / Climate / Environment


Government and Politics

Political divisions

The Federal States of Archanta is composed of 62 individual states, as well as the capital district of Huntington and the overseas territory of Arecales.

List of states

Items shown in italics below are not official.

Name Code Capital Largest city Area in km² Area in sq mi Population Population per km² Map Notes
Proposal astrasia1.jpg Alormen AL Alamar Andreapolis 412,584 159,300 17,500,000 42 Map
Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland AW Silverdale Silverdale 14,373.72 5,549.73 2,683,830 186.72 Map Formerly part of Tejoma, then split to make Native Archantan territory, then state.
AquiliaFlag.svg Aquilia AQ Artonsville Nenova 60,885.94 23,508.19 623,970 10.25 Map
Flag of Arecales 1.png Arecales AR Arecales Town Arecales Town 27,164.97 10,488.45 Map Oversea territory
Arghenna Flag.png Arghenna AG Hammond Dunchurch Map
AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia AS Hope Harbor Hope Harbor Map
Atascadera AT Map
Flag of Belirias.svg Belirias BE Santa Clarita Map Very Mountainous region, Most of the population centers are on the coast
Unknown Flag.png Capital District CP Huntington Huntington Map CP for CaPital. Officially, the CP is not a state, but instead a district
FlagofClamash.png Clamash CL Clifford Wahanta Map
Unknown Flag.png Cosperica CO (Sta.Maria de la) Esperanza Map
Unknown Flag.png Costa Dorada CD Fort Harris Scottsboro 54,182.60 20,920.02 Map
Flag of culpepper.png Culpepper CR Hearthsbridge Divinity's Grace 7,929 3,061 2,100,000 Map
DI flag.png Delenshire Islands DI Saint Renecene Map
Unknown Flag.png East Massodeya EM Casparis Map
EYflag.png Elway EY Bronson City San Bruno Map Former Arlington (state)
Unknown Flag.png Eustacia EU Hazelboro Hazelboro 75,855.38 29,287.92 Map
FellshireFlag.png Fellshire FL Fulton Meyersburg Map
Unknown Flag.png Gilliad GL Map
GnaereyTerritoryFlag.svg Gnaerey GY South Minneauka South Minneauka 59,464.42 22,959.34 Map
Flag of Laine.png Laine LN Hálison and Orterrado Orterrado Map
Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska MK Marksville Ohunkagan 17,818 6,879 4,000,000 Map
Unknown Flag.png Mennowa ME Fort Constable Minneuka 114,467 44,196 Map
Unknown Flag.png Michisaukee MC Darsons Massodeya City Map
Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan MN Thomasford Lake City 48,427.19 18,697.84 Map
NCflag.png New Carnaby NC Waltmore Stanton 93,281 36,016 Map
Nipewaflag.jpg Nipewa NP Kennedy Fayette Map
DrapeauNI.svg Nishowigan NI Wytusky Wychelle 55,732 21,518 1,881,000 33.8 Map
Oakhillflag.png Oakhill OH Gilbertville Aerwinya 2,084 2,100,000 Map
Template:Oakley OK Map
Ar120SampleFlag014.png Oronotia OT Map
Osaquoya-flag3.png Osaquoya OQ St. Joseph 51,140 19,745 Map
PA flag.png Passamaqueets PA Map
PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset PQ Newburyport Warwick 7,741 2,989 6,643,201 858 Map
Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos RP Colurona Swansonville TBC TBC 7,830,000 TBC Map TBC - To be Calculated; current calculations rounded to the nearest thousandth.
Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi SN Personsboro Wallawaukee 60,799 23,475 4,072,877 66.99 Map Over 3/4ths of population is Wallawaukee & suburbs
Flag of Sierra.png Sierra SA Elvira Dennison 13,6088 52,544 3.700,000 Map The traditional/historic state code of Sra. is commonly used
FLAGTAU.png Tauhon TA Jundah 73,983 28,565 10,489,220 142 Map
Unknown Flag.png Tejoma TJ Iron Fence Apricity 71,148 27,792 Map
Tempache flag.png Tempache TM San Pablo Los Reyes Map
Tennewaflag-final-01.png Tennewa TE Chottane Barstone 61,755.17 23,843.81 1,779,491 28.8 Map
AR120-Option17-flag.png Trinity Island TI Worthington Worthington 10,624 4,102 1,432,784 134.9 Map
WahaujaFlag.png Wahauja WJ Fort Braxton San Alonzo 58,383 22,542 1,751,517 30 Map
Unknown Flag.png West Massodeya WM Caldwell City Caldwell City Map
Unknown Flag.png Zakahigan ZH Plainsburgh Maquadena Map

Parties and elections

Foreign relations

Collaboration: OGF:Federal States/International relations The FSA has relations with many countries all across the world. All embassies are located in the capital city of Huntington, and many cities across the country also contain consulates. The FSA also has its own embassies in many countries worldwide.


"The Federal Forces" - OGF:Federal States/Military


Collaboration: OGF:Federal States/Franchises

The Federal States is one of the world's largest manufacturers of goods and products. Its main industries include aerospace (MacDougall Graham, Trent Aerospace, tbd), agricultural machinery (tbd), automobiles (Gramercy-Clinton Motors, tbd), chemicals (tbd), construction machinery (tbd), electronics (CranBerry), food processing (Ketz, tbd), mining, (Compass Corportation), petroleum (tbd) and steel (tbd).




List of railway companies

Abbr. Name Seat (HQ) Owner Character Activity Remark
ArchRail Class I some long-distance lines (existent ?)
ANW Astrantia NorthWestern Railroad Newport, AS Private Class II AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia Owns subsidiary Scantuck & Passaqua, bridge line to Culpepper.
B&C Burton and Central Railroad Class I Lakes to Huntington
Burton Rapid Transit subway
CCC Capital Commuter Company Waltmore state 51 % commuter NCflag.png New Carnaby
ConnectSeneppi Wallawaukee State (100%) Regional/Commuter Rail Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi Statewide network of intercity commuter rail lines. Operate on tracks owned by various freight companies.
CMCR Culpepper Metro Commuter Rail Raidenne, Culpepper State (100%) Regional/Commuter Rail Flag of culpepper.png Culpepper Interstate commuter rail connecting Stanton with Raidenne, Hearthsbridge, and Reydon in Culpepper.
E&F Ewa and Forintia Railroad Saint-Armand Class I Southern Corridor to Lakes Region
GESF Great Eastern and Stanton Folkstone Railway Stanton privat Class I freight East Coast and Central FSA
GW&A Great Western and Asperic Stanton private Class I West coast/Mountain region
GVRR Green Valley Railroad Private Class II Western Lakes to central FSA
HH Hope Harbor Railroad Hope Harbor, AS Private Class II AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia
HUP Huntington Pipeline Huntington city owned subway City of Huntington 5 lines, "named" after colour
Jundah Commuter Rail commuter FLAGTAU.png Tauhon
Jundah Metro Rail subway FLAGTAU.png Tauhon
Lafayette Rapid Transit subway
LCU Lake City Union Railroad Lake City Private (87.5%), State (12.5%) Class III Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan -
LCTA Lake City Transit Authority Lake City State (100%) Metro Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan
MCRR Minnonigan Central Railroad Private Class I Western Lakes to Alormen
NBPW Newburyport Whaler Newburyport Neurban Industries (1) Light Rail PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset
NCMR New Carnaby Metronome Railway Stanton state (51 %) regional NCflag.png New Carnaby
NoCo North Coast Railroad Private Class II Lakes Region
OCR Oakhill Connection Railway Gilbertville private commuter Oakhillflag.png Oakhill light railway
PQX PenCross Warwick Neurban Industries (1) Regional / Commuter Rail PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset
S&N Sauganash and Northern Railroad Lake City Private Class I Western Lakes Region to Far Northwest Region
S&P Scantuck & Passaqua Railroad nny Private Class III AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia,Flag of culpepper.png Culpepper Owned / operated by Astrantia Northwesten
S&S Scantuck & Southern Railroad tbd Private Class II NCflag.png New Carnaby,Flag of culpepper.png Culpepper Waltmore, NC to Divinity's Grace, CR.
SMCR Southern Minnonigan Commuter Railroad d/b/a SMARTrail Lake City State (100%)* commuter Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan Operated by the Lake City Transit Authority. Line 7 is wholly owned and operated by SMCR; Lines 1, 2, 3, and 4 are operated by S&N (1 and 2) and MCRR (3 and 4) under purchase-of-service agreements. SMCR has trackage rights to operate on Lines 5 (GVRR), 6 (LCU), 8 (GESR), and 9 (NoCo).
SNC Stanton Northern Commuter Stanton state (51 %) commuter NCflag.png New Carnaby
SSL Stanton Southern Link Stanton state (51 %) commuter NCflag.png New Carnaby
SSS Stanton Subway System Stanton city (100 %) subway NCflag.png New Carnaby
STS Silverdale Tram System Silverdale (Tram system mapped in different year). Government of the Independent City of Silverdale Tram Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland
SWC Stanton Warwick Connector Warwick Neurban Industries (1) Commuter NCflag.png New Carnaby
PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset
SRA State Railroad Authority Rivertown state (100%) Class II (freight)
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State-run monopoly for freight service within Newlynn,
currently, no passenger service exists within the state
Wallawaukee Rapid Transit Wallawaukee City, County (80%)* Subway Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi Operated by Wallawaukee Urban Transit Authority. 80% owned by Chester County and the city of Wallawaukee, but surrounding counties like Brighhurst and Ellenwood with some routes have partial ownership as well. Also known as the Wallawaukee Subway, the Wallawaukee Elevated, and "The Ellie".
WTA Warwick Transit Authority Warwick Neurban Industries (1) Subway / Light Rail PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset Also includes Warwick Airport Connector (heavy rail)

1) Neurban Industries: Operates several railway systems and other transit systems on the East coast of the FSA, focused in Penquisset. Some entities owned and managed by Neurban Industries include PenCross, The Warwick Transit Authority, The Newburyport Whaler urban light rail system, and Penquisset Freight, a division of GESF. Neurban industries also oversees and monitors, but does not heavily influence activities (for issues such as safety compliance) of the Stanton-Warwick Connector Commission, and the Amherst Steamship Authority


The Federal States of Archanta has a national network of high-speed, limited-access Motorways. There is no national network of non-limited-access roads; however, each state has its own network of state highways. See OGF:Federal States/Highways.

Air transport

Commercial aviation is an important mode of transportation both domestically and internationally. Most large cities in the Federal States have at least one international airport that serves many popular destinations within the Federal States and elsewhere. According to Assembly of Nations Agency for Civil Aviation standards, all Federal States airports use an ANACA code beginning with "BA".

Commercial Airports

List of commercial airports

Airport Name Location State (City) WAAT ANACA Gates Runways Airlines Notes
Oakhill Airport Map Oakhillflag.png Oakhill (Aerwinya) AER BAER 20 2
Catlee County Airport Map
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Newlynn (Hoyt)
CTL BCTL 5 1 Regional airport within the Huntington Metropolitan Area.
Dennison International Airport Map Flag of Sierra.png Sierra (Dennison-Redonda) DIA BADE 3 flySmart hub
Elvira Regional Airport Map Flag of Sierra.png Sierra (Elvira) ELR BAER 2
Fiorino International Airport Map NCflag.png New Carnaby (Stanton) STN BASN 69 3
Foley-Fillmore International Airport Map Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi (Wallawaukee) WFF BAWF 150 5 flySmart hub Primary airport for Wallawaukee metro and major hub
Gilbertville - King's Bay Airport Map
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Newlynn (King's Bay)
GKB BGKB 4 1 Regional airport, serves Oakhill and eastern Newlynn.
Gunnison International Airport Map Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan (Lake City) GNN BAGN 62 3 SkyRide Airlines Secondary airport; has capacity issues.
Gramercy Metro International Airport Map Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi (Gramercy) GRM BAGR 61 2 Minor flySmart hub Smaller international airport serving Gramercy metro, mostly with connections to major western F.S. cities
Hedstrom International Airport Map PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset (Warwick) BKH BAWW 112 3
Hope Harbor International Airport Map AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia (Hope Harbor) HHI BAHH 3 2
James Moore International Airport Map EYflag.png Elway (San Bruno) ESB BASB 20 2 serving all Elway state.
John Atkins International Airport Map
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Washaukee (Atkinsville)
JTI BATM 3 flySmart Focus city Main airport for the Atkinsville/Mennowa City area.
Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport Map FLAGTAU.png Tauhon (Jundah-Stuart) JSI BAJS 88 3
Lafayette International Airport Map WhitestoneFlag.png Whitestone (Lafayette) LAF BALF 2
Lake City International Airport Map Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan (Lake City) LCX BALC 198 7 Primary airport of Lake City and major hub
Ondassagam-Buckingham County Regional Airport Map Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan (Ondassagam) OND BAON 21 2
Rivertown Capital Airport Map
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Newlynn (Rivertown)
RVR BRVT 7 1 Large regional / small international airport, the primary airport for Newlynn.
Stanton Belleville Airport Map NCflag.png New Carnaby (Stanton) SBE BABE 1
Stanton International Airport Map NCflag.png New Carnaby (Stanton) STI BASI 157 4
Vernon International Airport Map Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi (Wallawaukee) WVN BAWV 38 4 Budget airlines Secondary airport for Wallawaukee metro


The Federal States energy consumption per capita is 8 tons of oil equivalent per year, one of the highest rates in the world. In 2016, 32% of this energy came from petroleum, 19% from coal, and 18% from natural gas. The remainder was supplied by nuclear power and renewable energy sources. Most transmission lines are high-voltage three-phase alternating current (AC) with OGFmapicon.png 132 kV, OGFmapicon.png 230 kV, OGFmapicon.png 350 kV, OGFmapicon.png 500 kV, OGFmapicon.png 765 kV. In submarine power cables high-voltage direct-current is used for greater efficiency over very long distances. Large electric utility company are e.g. Eastern Electra (Eastern Electra infrastructure), tbd, tbd, ... .

List of commercial nuclear reactors

Name State Unit Reactor Status Capacity in MW Constr. start Comm. operation Closure Location
Type Mod. Net Gross
2 PWR IB401 operational 1060 1200 02.01.1979 05.03.1981
Three Rivers Nuclear Generating Station NCflag.png New Carnaby 1 PWR IB401 operational 1060 1200 04.12.1981 28.02.1983 OGFmapicon.png map
2 PWR IB401 operational 1060 1200 02.01.1979 05.03.1981
Chestnuts Nuclear Generating Station NCflag.png New Carnaby 1 PWR IB401 operational 1060 1200 06.07.1986 30.11.1987 OGFmapicon.png map
2 PWR IB401 operational 1060 1200 06.07.1986 30.11.1987
Cradleway Nuclear Power Station PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset 1 GFR SOUL-2 operational 1270 1610 01.07.2004 15.03.2006 OGFmapicon.png map
2 GFR SOUL-2 operational 1270 1610 01.07.2004 21.07.2006 OGFmapicon.png map
Triphammer Nuclear Power Station PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset 1 GFR SOUL-4 operational 1270 1885 11.11.2016 26.09.2018 OGFmapicon.png map
Lake Mona Generating Station Flag of Sierra.png Sierra 1 SFR decommissioned ~220 480 01.04.1968 - 16.02.1978 OGFmapicon.png map
2 BWR operational 680 760 20.06.1970 04.11.1974
Lake Sadinaa Generating Station Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi 1, 2 PWR IB401 operational 1060 1200 05.08.1978 02.04.1985 OGFmapicon.png map
3, 4 PWR IB401 operational 1060 1200 25.03.1983 14.11.1989

Map of high-voltage transmission network

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Collaboration: OGF:Federal States/Sports

The most popular sports in the Federal States are baseball, basketball, football (gridiron) and ice hockey. Soccer plays a minor role.

Science and Technology

The Federal States operates Tranquility in the Southern Islands, a research base and settlement aimed at studying the climate, nature and livability of the cold polar region. Located just north of 67.7°S, it is the southernmost permanently inhabited Federal States settlement. Federal States personnel are also present at the AN base to conduct research and experiments, the southernmost station on the islands.


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