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8, 20.538, 85.891
Republic of Gobrassanya
Proposed Flag of GobrassanyaProposed Seal of Gobrassanya
FlagCoat of arms
"Tha hart on ti right place."
The heart on the right place.
Location of Gobrassanya
and largest city
Gobras City
Official languagesIngerish, Gobrassian
 • Regional languagesIngerish, Castellanese, Gaerman, Eirie Caeltig, Franquese, Aloran, indigenous Gobrasi languages
Ethnic GroupsWhite Gobrassian (55.2%), Indigenous Gobrasi (25.9%), Aloran (4.7%), Khaiwoonese (2.6%), Lono (0.4%), Other and Mixed Ancestry (11.2%)
 • Upper houseTBD
 • Lower houseTBD
 • Total122,560 km2
47,321 sq mi
 • Estimate (2021)43.6 million
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
GDP (nominal)TBD
 • TotalTBD
 • Per capitaTBD
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CurrencyGobrassian Dara (Ð) (GDA)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.go

Gobrassanya, officially the 'Republic of Gobrassanya', is a country in southern Uletha, occupying the eastern half of the Gobras Peninsula as well as the Lonowai Islands. Gobrassanya is bordered by Alora to the west and shares a maritime boundary with Khaiwoon in the southeast. Its capital and largest city is Gobras City.

The original inhabitants of Gobrassanya were the Gobrasi peoples, a large group of diverse cultures including the Maranese/Gorrawa, the Pohalanese, the Yanti, the Colquit and more. Later, white settlers arrived in the area, speaking Ingerish, Castellanese, Gaerman, Eirie Caeltig, and Franquese. Today their descendants comprise the majority of the population, while people of Gobrasi ancestry make up about one fourth of the national total.



The politcal centre of Gobrassanya is located in Gobras City.

Administrative Divisions

Gobrassanya is divided into 17 districts:

Districts of Gobrassanya
Map District name Postal abbrev. District capital Population Area (km²) Density (per km²) Area (mi²) Density (per mi²)
OGFmapicon.png National Capital District CD Gobras City 7,516,532 1,222 6,151 472 15,931
OGFmapicon.png Arcois District AR Gautig 918,875 3,422 269 1,321 695
OGFmapicon.png Arrowic District AW Puerto Geo 2,825,735 3,483 811 1,345 2,101
OGFmapicon.png Brunswick District BR Kenrich 1,896,466 4,277 443 1,651 1,148
OGFmapicon.png Gallitania District GA Queensboro 1,608,837 5,743 280 2,217 726
OGFmapicon.png Grand Lake District GL Quesagnais 1,984,465 5,621 353 2,170 914
OGFmapicon.png Harley District HR Ominoso 4,518,612 13,564 333 5,237 863
OGFmapicon.png Jerrais District JR Ormeo 3,129,758 10,876 288 4,199 745
OGFmapicon.png Lhatghaver District LA Havreg 1,657,750 9,043 183 3,492 475
OGFmapicon.png Lonowai District LN Ōbaku 962,304 4,211 229 1,626 592
OGFmapicon.png Marapura District MA Marapura 1,546,476 2,077 745 802 1,928
OGFmapicon.png Naupau District NP Ontaro 2,470,279 11,609 213 4,482 551
OGFmapicon.png Phailoon District PL Phailoon City 1,784,680 11,731 152 4,529 394
OGFmapicon.png Pohalashee District PH Laguna 2,731,786 7,576 361 2,925 934
OGFmapicon.png Sutarasa District ST Kalabag 2,001,310 10,142 197 3,916 511
OGFmapicon.png Volantia District VL Colquitam 1,089,346 6,721 162 2,595 420
OGFmapicon.png Yantia District YA Artana 4,948,203 11,242 440 4,341 1,140
OGFmapicon.png Gobrassanya Gobras City 43,591,414 122,560 356 47,321 921

The map below allows you to explore the 1st-level political divisions for Gobrassanya.

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Physical map of Gobrassanya

Gobrassanya is located on the Gobras Peninsula. It is bordering with Alora Flag 800.png Alora to the west. The nation of Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon is located offshore just east of the peninsula. The Central Mountains divide the island into a northern and a southern part. Along the coastlines the landscape is rather flat with large plains spreading, whereas the inland is dominated by elevations and rough terrain. Many small islands are situated off the southern coast. The northern coast is characterized by cliffs. Major rivers and streams are Drew River, Potanagree River and Lhatga River, which all rise in the Central Mountains. In fact, the Central Mountains are the source area for 95% of the river water in Gobrassanya. There are three appreciable lakes located in Gobrassanya: Lake Montague, Grand Lake (2330m over zero) and Lak Naupamonish (1930m over zero).


Climate diagram of Gobras City
A tornado near Marangai with a Doppler on Wheels in the foreground

Gobrassanya is located just inside the tropics and experiences what is often described as a subtropical climate. Summers are very warm and humid, with average highs between 30 and 35°C in most areas, though inland valleys can occasionally be subject to heat waves that top 40°C. Winter is much drier and milder, with temperatures ranging between 10° and 20°C at sea level, cooler at high elevations. The coldest temperature, -18.5°C, was recorded at the summit of Peak Majority in 1958.

Gobrassanya's high precipitation results not only from the central mountain range which forces clouds to rise into colder areas of air in which the maximum water capacity is sinking, but also from heavy thunderstorms and tropical cyclones during the summer months that push precipitation values well over 2000mm per year in many areas, particularly in the south and east. Precipitation decreases to the west, where it may be as low as 1500 or even 1000mm.

Powerful tropical cyclones (called hurricanes or typhoons) are a common occurrence from May through September, both in mainland Gobrassanya and in the Lonowai Islands, normally originating in the warm seas to the southeast. North of the mountains, tornadoes are often produced in early and late summer by severe thunderstorms and supercells, especially in the Gobrassian tornado belt, the area with the most severe tornadoes in Gobrassanya.



Gobrassanya offers a large network of highways and country roads.

Main Article: Roads in Gobrassanya


Scale map of all GNR services

Except for the Gobras City Main Line, all railways in Gobrassanya are managed by the government-owned Gobrassanya National Rail. There are two types of train services in Gobrassanya: gobraHSR (high-speed rail) and Regional Rail. International service is available to destinations in Alora and Khaiwoon.



Super sunday


Gobrassanya's economy is largely based on service and technology sectors, and the country has a large number of financial services companies registered there. There are some significant manufacturing plants, including shipyards and a car factory, but the main physical goods produced in Gobrassanya are computers and other silicon componants.

Gobrassanya's agriculture mainly consists of tropical fruits and some meat farming.

In 2015 the country exported over 100 million tonnes of consumer goods, and total exports accounted for over 40% of GDP.


Main Article: Gobrassian Dara

The currency of Gobrassanya is the Gobrassian Dara (Ð) (ISO currency code: GDA). The Dara is divided into 100 Senn. Coins minted include 1-, 2-, 5- and 10- Senn coins and quarter-, half-, and 1- Dara coins. Banknotes include a 1-, 2 1/2-, 5-, 10-, 25-, 50-, 100-, and 200- Dara banknotes. Cash prices are expressed in decimals to two places (Ð1.50) Some representatives in the Gobrassian Legislature are considering moving the Dara to an all electronic currency similar to "Bitcoin" or other similar currencies but there has been a lot of vocal opposition to this plan. In addition processing costs for electronic transactions and the inability to conduct private cash transactions. Many Gobrassians place a strong value on personal privacy. The use of electronic transactions is a benefit to the government since it almost completely eradicates tax evasion and fraud issues with the filing of tax returns. Additionally all monetary transactions would be traceable. Some are considering moving to a private (non-government) fiat currency or barter system if this passes.

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