My name is... Dima Ladaroff (film)

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My name is... Dima Ladaroff
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Film StudioGlossa Pics. Entertainment
and LocationsCioara, Flag of Antharia.png Antharia
 Glossa Studios, Bărădin, Flag of Antharia.png Antharia
DirectorRobin Ivirean
ScreenplayPavel Neagoe
Based onDima Lazarov - Fișe Autobiografice - Ilena Carzachi
StarringLogan Connor
Ayla Bregensch
Mircea Ceaușu
Dom Marco
Iana Dristor
Venera Jurcă
MusicFloreta Pop
EditingGheorghe Djuvara
DistributorAnImage 2010
Release date1/1/2017
Runtime87 minutes
CountryFlag of Antharia.png Antharia
Budget60,000 USD
My name is... Dima Ladaroff (Romanish: Mă numesc... Dima Ladaroff) is a 2016 Antharian drama film directed by Robin Ivirean, and based on the autobiographical texts of Dima Lazarov (1878-1960), collected in 1967 by Ilena Carzachi in a book entitled Dima Lazarov - Fișe Autobiografice. The story shows the slow and deep dissolution of the ethnically Moldavian peasant class living in northeastern Antharia during the Jean Gheorghe-Barraca regime.

The cast includes Logan Connor, Ayla Bregensch, Mircea Ceaușu and Dom Marco. Scenes were shot in the Antharian town Cioara (Budshak Province), in various places around the Old Town of Vâlcești, as well as at Glossa Studios Bărădin.


The film is narrated by elderly Dima Lazarov (Ilbeyi Halefoglu), one of the few survivers of the Fântâna Albă Massacre in 1924. The entire film is composed of flashbacks to various moments in his life.

In the first half of the film, most flashback scenes are set in Fântâna Albă, a town in Northeast Antharia, mostly inhabited by Moldavians that time in 1919. 20 year old Dima (Logan Connor) lived a traditional Moldavian life, the first part of the film shows unique Moldavian traditions for Christmas, weddings and funerals.

The inhabitants of Fântâna Albă seem to live, although not excepted from difficulties, a regular life at first. Dima's father owns small plots of land and has to pay land taxes - which accumulate with each passing year. To pay for Askim Lazarov's (the oldest son) law studies in Nădrăcin, he has to keep Dima and his brother Crișan working on the fields. Dima falls in love with Maïa (Ayla Bregensch), daughter of Petre Lipatti (Mircea Ceaușu), the rich boyar, who payed for the construction of the new church in town. The situation results in serious conflicts between the families Lazarov and Lipatti, as well as the town's priest. Various dramatic events like the death of Dima's father, the suicide of Borcanu and the drowning of the flock of sheep in the flooded river could imply the tragic dissolution of this micro-universe in the second half of the movie.

In 1922, Jean Gheorghe-Barraca comes to power in Antharia. One of his goals is to destroy the Surian and Moldavian influences in his country. A number of fascist activists are sent to Fântâna Albă with the task of converting the Moldavian population to Romanish (by eliminating the Moldavian language and culture from churches, schools and other public institutions). The life of the Moldavian peasants changes drastically. Dima is attacked by an activist for speaking Moldavian on the street, Lana is beaten by a group of young teens for using Syrillangan letters to label her products at the market, the town's church is burned down during the Holy Mass on Sunday - the fire kills 5 Moldavians including the priest. The inhabitants are forced to change their names to more Romanish ones, for example Лазаров (Lazarov) is changed to Ladaroff (which is referenced in the movie's title in an ironical way).

In 1923, Dima and Crișan have to participate in the 3rd Antharian War, at the invasion of Niscavo and Cyprinaea. They are quartered in an old barrack with two other Surian soldiers and get acquainted with their plans to deplete to the Surians. Even though Dima is against this idea, Crișan follows them on the night of depletion. Their plans don't work out and they get caught


  • Logan Connor as young Dima Lazarov
  • Ayla Bregensch as Maïa Lipatti
  • Mircea Ceaușu as Petre Lipatti
  • Dom Marco as Von Karg
  • Iana Dristor as Mărioara
  • Venera Jurcă as Lana
  • Gheorghe Baraș as Klapka
  • Ilie Ciubotaru as The Priest
  • Viktoria Lebron as Princess Mariia
  • Mina Liobașchiev as Surian deserter
  • Ilbeyi Halefoglu as old Dima Lazarov