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For general information on OGF and answers to basic beginner questions, see our About page and FAQ. Rules are posted on the About page.

Uploading images

OGF users are highly encouraged to upload images and use them in wiki articles. They make our world come alive in powerful ways that text alone can never match.
We ask only two things:

  1. Please upload only free use images (self-created, public domain, or Creative Commons licensed). This applies to artwork as well as photographs. There are literally hundreds of millions of free use images out there, including most of the images you see on Wikipedia and lots of other places.
    For details on usable image types and links to where to find them, please see OGF:Uploading images.
  2. Whenever you upload an image, please make sure to include a link to the source of the image or other information indicating that it is free to use. Thanks!

Verisimilitude (Keeping it Real)

OGF is meant to be essentially equivalent to the "real world." As such, per the OGF about page and FAQ, introducing "fantasy" and "science fiction" elements to your countries is discouraged. If your maps or wiki entries deviate from this standard, you may be contacted by admin to remove egregious violations of this general policy. A small essay has been posted about this issue at OGF:Verisimilitude, and you may see (but not modify) their discussion of current issues, at that page's discussion page.

Mapmaking in OGF


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