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Old Discussion

Getting "Wiki" into the OGF menu

Fine - we have a wiki. Very good. But one thing is missing - at the top of the main-menu (View - Edit - History - FAQ and so on) is missing "WIKI". Kann das einer machen? --Histor (talk) 02:42, 29 July 2014 (CEST)

How does that work? A template? Bhj867 (talk) 01:30, 30 July 2014 (CEST)

Deciding on a date system

What date system is going to be used? Are we going to stick with a system where it is the same as earth (i.e where it is currently 2014, there are 12 months, etc) or will we make a new system? If we are making a new system, will it be based on one ancient culture, or perhaps many that came together over a period of time? Or perhaps it will emerge from an ancient religion? Or perhaps there could have been some sort of historic "date reform" to try and get the entire world using the same system, which would make the current year much lower than 2014. Also, we'd have to bear in mind that many cultures may differ in their own systems as well (e.g Compare the traditional New Year of January 1st with the Chinese New Year) Also, would time be recorded differently? And what would time zones be like, because time zones are inevitable when dealing with countries that span over an entire world. So, any ideas? What are your thoughts? --Fleur (talk) 23:14, 29 July 2014 (CEST)

A way to mark the passage of time in our fictional world. A calender of sorts we can use on the main page first, of this world, and then the other countries can add their histories in reference to. It will be a lengthy process but I think it can be done in a relatively short amount of time if multiple people are working together on it. I believe we can collaborate on an idea and vote on it. Out of ease of use, I personally like the idea of an "Alternative history" with earth's timeline, starting with AD/BC using a fictional religious event, or maybe a large geological or astronomical event. Bhj867 (talk)
At the moment, I'm very faintly outlining some of Bayland's history. I could possibly add in an ancient culture that started recording the flow of time ever since a large event. I was thinking this event possibly could have either been something like a tsunami or something like a solar eclipse or some sort of asteroid collision or near-collision. This culture could then have grown in power and knowledge and therefore other cultures could adopt this system of recording time. I think the year 0 in the Bayese years would probably be somewhere between 1000 and 500 BC in Earth years. What do you think? --Fleur (talk) 23:27, 29 July 2014 (CEST)
That would wok great. Are we wanting to do different timelines based on culture now? Or something more unified like the modern Gregorian calendar? In my country I have a giant caldera with a petty kingdom sitting on an island in the middle and a massive rift stretches north through 5 countries to the east. That could be part of the great cataclysm. However you do it we can start on a history page of the world and start writing it there as well. Each culture will naturally have their own version of the story.
Btw a few countries already make reference to a calendar which is identical to Earth's (currently 2014) so whether or not such a system is used on a global scale, it definitely exists in the OGF world. Isleño (talk) 23:47, 29 July 2014 (CEST)
Something more unified would be good. Cultures could possibly vary slightly in what they use, especially for determining dates of their own cultural or religious festivals etc, but for official documents or pages on this wiki, they could all use the same calendar. I think just a solar eclipse could work. Apparently there was one on June 15, 763 BC at around 08:23 (UTC, Earth time) so that could be the starting point of the Bayese Calendar. If we assume the astronomy is the same as Earth's then we can use the same data from Earth as on the OpenGeofiction world, meaning that we could much more easily plot when things like solar eclipses occur. June 15 would be considered the first day of the calendar. I can plan how the years would be split up later but as long as we have a starting point then that's good. It also means that, assuming the OpenGeofiction world is tilted like the earth and thus has seasons, the Bayese Calendar's New Year would occur in summer (in most places in the Northern Hemisphere at least). Any thoughts? --Fleur (talk) 23:58, 29 July 2014 (CEST)
re: Isleño - Once we have decided about all of this, we can encourage people to update their pages with the new calendar systems or even do it for them. Also, it would be good to get this all sorted sooner rather than later, so that the amount of pages that will require "converting" can be minimised. At the moment, there aren't many pages on the wiki so it shouldn't be too hard to get this system up - so long as people are aware of the system, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. --Fleur (talk) 23:58, 29 July 2014 (CEST)
Bear in mind though, these dates are not only in the wiki, but they are also embedded in numerous places throughout the OGF map itself. For example in Latina (, Gobrassanya (, Khaiwoon (, etc. Out of respect for this existing work (as well as the obvious ease of use issues) it may be best to have the standard calendar identical to Earth's, and those who wish to create interesting national or regional calendars are of course free to do so.Isleño (talk) 00:36, 30 July 2014 (CEST)
Perhaps all the countries should just choose which calendar system to follow, and they can specify which calendar system they are using on the wiki when dates are being displayed. For example by putting
4927 ([[Bayese Calendar]])
or even with a special template like
which could automatically show the user that the calendar used is the Bayese one and possibly even provide information such as the approximate conversion of the date into the Earth calendar system. --Fleur (talk) 00:48, 30 July 2014 (CEST)
We are going to need some specific guidlines for this written out for everyone to understand. I agree on a standardized Gregorian calendar with an option of using your own timelines. Everyone should understand though that deviation from the standard timeline could really screw this wiki up when linking to other pages that were created by other people. We can make it where its an alternative timeline with all of modern history starting with a vague cataclysm in the past and everyone has different stories about it. A proverbial "flood myth" so to speak. Bhj867 (talk) 00:54, 30 July 2014 (CEST)
Yeah, that sounds good. So we'll all use the standard Gregorian calendar. As I said before though, countries can most certainly use their own calendars for organizing events or festivals to do with their culture or religion etc but for the wiki and map, it has to be or at least include Gregorian. If significant or relevant, information about the non-Gregorian date can be included. (e.g The next Bayese Cheesewobbling Festival will occur on the 5th week of the Bayese New Year, which will be approximately August 28th to September 9th). So, are we all happy with that? --Fleur (talk) 01:17, 30 July 2014 (CEST)
At what date should "Known history" start. Or "The cataclysm"? BTW I don't know if I like Latina's use of "Stone age" he should be informed that the ancient "Ages" will be different in this world. Bhj867 (talk) 01:26, 30 July 2014 (CEST)

O.k. - I made it simple. In Latina is the gregorian time. And some places had its name after Gregorian dates (like the metro-station). I think, in Khaiwoon may be the same (?). If you all want a new system - let me know. In other case I use the Gregorian style. --Histor (talk) 03:16, 30 July 2014 (CEST)

When you get the chance take a look at my history page

If it gives any incite into how surrounding nations want to write their history. There are several neighboring countries that end up playing a role in the history of Pretany. Bhj867 (talk) 06:59, 30 July 2014 (CEST)


I made a proposal for categories here, but I don't know whether that is the right place. KVh (talk) 21:16, 6 August 2014 (CEST)

Hi KVh. I read the proposals on the "Categories" heading and found out that the countries have two headings: one in the 'continents' and one as a separate of its own.
For the "Countries", we should make a list of all countries in alphabetical order, regardless of wherever continent it is from.
For the "Continents", just a list of countries in that particular continent, like the ones here: ( Only the links are displayed.
In the "Seas, large rivers etc." section, should we make it by country, or by alphabetical order?
"Cities" should be listed in alphabetical order too. --Boge (talk) 10:13, 10 August 2014 (MST)
That is not how categories work. A category will form a list in alphabetical order of all articles and categories that are listed in that category. An article can be in as many categories as you want, so it doesn't matter that the countries are in two categories. KVh (talk) 22:45, 10 August 2014 (CEST)

Main Page Revision

What I'd like to see on the main page: A "forum" box, where people can start a discussion thread. This could more or less replace the "User diaries" on the main OGF page. Only the start entry (or even only its first few sentences) should appear in the box, and then a "read more" link to a separate page. See also wangi's comment on the diary page. Also, it would be great to have something "featured articles and map highlights" sections. Or maybe in the form of a "Did you know..." box like on the main page of Wikipedia (the English one). The "Recent changes" section should go away, because it is also prominently linked in the sidebar. What do y'all think? And is there someone willing to implement it? --Thilo (talk) 23:21, 9 August 2014 (CEST)

Indeed the "recent changes" should not be on the main page. I think, the "portal" must have more room. --Histor (talk) 23:26, 9 August 2014 (CEST)
The "recent changes" should disappear from the main page.
An "featured articles"-box AND an "map highlights"-box would be nice.
What do you think about storing the boxes from the main page in independent pages? That would simplify the editing...
--Oxalia (talk) 10:54, 10 August 2014 (CEST)
I'd like to see the OGF-map in a box on the main page. Storing the boxes in templates is a good idea for me. KVh (talk) 14:13, 10 August 2014 (CEST)

Proposing new main page for wiki - I would like to propose adopting a new "main page" for the wiki. I have created a proof-of-concept here: User:Luciano/Sandbox/NewMainPageTest The main challenge will be that to keep it "interesting" there will have to be people willing to do the editorial work of making new "featured maps" and new "featured articles." Currently, I am not very busy and don't mind doing this. However, over the long term we would need other people to do this too. I have posted this note as an diary entry too.--Luciano (talk) 03:49, 11 February 2015 (CET)

Hi. Luciano! As I was saying in the topic in User`s Diary, I think you have doing a very good work, it is so professional. Congratulations! I will be satisfied if this one come to be the new "face" of OGF Wiki. This way is very better, turning the article more interesting, showing a random good map, and, importantly, remaining the "Recent Edits", showing, de facto, "what is new". - BMSOUZA 11 February 2015

- - - NEW NEW NEW - - - I have taken my new Main Page draft "live." Please, if you want to make changes, edit the "Sandbox" version first, to make sure you understand what effect your edit will have: OGF:Sandbox/Main Page. I will try to periodically make sure the Sandbox version and the "live" version stay in sync (so edits in the Sandbox version should be viewed as temporary). Note that when editing the Sandbox pages, you have to pay close attention to the integrity of the links between the different sub-pages - i.e. Main_Page/FeaturedArticle is not the same as OGF:Sandbox/Main_Page/FeaturedArticle - so you have to edit the sub-pages internally when porting back and forth between Sandbox and "live".

There are 7 transcluded sub-pages:
For editing content, these subpages should be edited - the main page is only a list of transclusions. For the 4 "Featured" pages, the "talk" pages are where nominations are processed:
Please don't feel afraid to try your own changes. I would like to see the main page represent a community consensus, so all polite suggestions and criticisms are welcome, too.--Luciano (talk) 04:02, 18 February 2015 (CET)

Main Page Update Schedule

I'm going to be getting busier with work, so less time for OGF, unfortunately. For now, I will make a commitment to update the 4 Featured pages (Featured Article, Featured Map, Featured Picture and Did You Know) every week on Saturday night or Sunday morning (Korean Standard Time - so sometime Saturday for CET). If other people want to make updates to individual features or all features more frequently, they are free to do so - I encourage it! If you need help for how to do an update, I can help. I am working on putting together a tutorial page with some instructions on how to update a feature (and maintain the feature archive) but I wanted to let the routine get "established" first, to work out any bugs in the system. If there are not enough nominations for weekly updates, I will make my own nominations at the moment of update - but so far, we have no shortage of good nominations. It's looking good.--Luciano (talk) 04:47, 24 February 2015 (CET)


Two weeks ago I created the Talk:Wiki-page. Should that be the place for problems/wishes regarding the wiki?
BTW: Comments/solutions for the wishes would be very nice... --Oxalia (talk) 10:58, 10 August 2014 (CEST)

I think it is a good place. But people have to react on the page to make it useful. KVh (talk) 14:14, 10 August 2014 (CEST)


Why a portal "Country history"? If I will read over that, I go to the article over the country. But I miss portals for other themes, p.e. "Sport", "Trade", "Architecture and special Buildings" (p.e. the Matchless Palace in Wiwaxia and others in Khaiwoon) and may be other themes. So in first line let us change "Country History" in "Sport". --Histor (talk) 21:05, 10 August 2014 (CEST)

No meaning to this? --Histor (talk) 00:41, 11 August 2014 (CEST)

Problèmes survenus sur la carte

À toute la communauté:

Je suis désolé pour les problèmes survenus sur la carte, particulièrement en Archanta Major ce matin. Un problème est survenu dans la ligne de côte à hauteur de la Surricie. Moi et admin réparons cette erreur et j'espère que cela ne vous a pas incommodés. Sincèrement, Azaz 0913 (talk) 13:53, 16 May 2015 (CEST)

Problems occurred on the map

At the community:

I am sorry for the problems that occurred on the map, especially in Major Archanta this morning. A problem has occurred in the coastline to the Surricy. Me and Admin repair this error and I hope it does not inconvenienced you. Sincerely, Azaz 0913 (talk) 13:53, 16 May 2015 (CEST)

Thank you for your apology - no one ever did that before! Anyway, it's not a big problem, "floods" happen all the time, as people learn how to make coastlines. I made some floods when I was beginning to learn. Don't worry.--Luciano (talk) 14:38, 16 May 2015 (CEST)


Would it be a good idea to create a new category ? "Environment" would show the pages about environmental issues, what countries do to protect it, endangered species, sustainable development... Clik 25 August 2015

At first step this (til now few) themes are under "Natural Sciences" --Histor (talk) 23:01, 25 August 2015 (CEST)

Current Discussion


I noticed there are a ton of old pages that are marked down for deletion, and was wondering why these pages haven’t been deleted yet? -Quarked

Weather events

Does the world Canonically deal with extreme weather, and if so is there a group of people that decide events and outcomes? -Quarked

Replacement of Real World Parallels

I am proposing to start this section for finding creative solutions to currently unavoidable real world overlaps. For example, elements in the periodic table often have locational names such as Europium, Americium, Francium, Terbium, Ytterbium, Darmstadtium, Californium, Berkelium, Tennessine, Nihonium, Moscovium, and MANY more. How should I avoid this situation as I use elements often?

Please sign your edits always with a timestamp as usual in wikis (-- and 4 * ~). I can not imagine, why you need this elements at mapping? Tell some more please about your plans --Histor (talk) 22:59, 6 March 2018 (CET)
Quarked - I can't imagine that you really do use these elements that often in OGF. But there's no problem with these names anyway. In OGF, the element names don't have to be derived from places, or from places with the same name as a real world place. For example, Berkelium - perhaps derived from the town/state/city of Berkelia; Moscovium, derived from Profesor Moskov, Ytterbium, from the mines at Yt Terb etc, etc. Could be a useful source of place names even.--Udilugbuldigu (talk) 00:31, 7 March 2018 (CET)
Perfect words, Udi! -- BMSOUZA (talk) 15:26, 7 March 2018 (CET)

Proposed Update Schedule

I think I have a possible solution to how to easily coordinate having multiple users update the various featured sections, without creating confusion and avoiding overlapping edits. We can have a kind of monthly schedule, with a user signed up for each section. If a user misses the scheduled time, they should wait until the same schedule time in the following month. Missed updates would be no problem - it just means the next person scheduled would do it. And people can take on multiple sections by signing up across the schedule.

This is just a proposal. It may turn out to be too complicated or not to the liking of others.

Removed and updated below

For now, we are in discussion - this is only a proposal for how to handle the coordination problem of the update process - so please don't add your name to the table. After discussion, we can add the names. I have added my name to the above based on my current schedule, as an example.--Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 23:31, 28 May 2016 (CEST)

The main Article and Did You Know look like the more time-consuming of the sections, since they will require more preparation and editing. I would prefer to work on one of the easier sections, but would be happy to let others choose their preferences first, and help with whatever remains. I think I could manage the article once per month, or any of the other sections every two weeks or so. Will be nice to see a little more activity on the home page and learn more about what other users are up to. --Paxtar (talk) 07:04, 2 June 2016 (CEST)
Sry for coming in so late, I was travelling for the last week. I'd be happy to do opt for one "update-cycle" a month. However I think that two updates a month would be sufficient, considering that we only want to present the very best pieces of work we have on the wiki, and finding a new article every week could be a bit of a challenge in the long term. Also that way it would be less dramatic if the person responsible could sometimes only manage to do the update a few days later than scheduled due to private reasons; does that makes sense? Leowezy (talk) 12:08, 2 June 2016 (CEST)

Actually I think Leowezy is right. So here is a modified table. I would say Paxtar and Leowezy are the two chief volunteers, currently - so go ahead and "make your claim" and give a try at the edit process. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.--Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 16:10, 2 June 2016 (CEST)

Scheduled Update Time Featured Article Did You Know Featured Map Featured Picture
First half of month (dates 1-15) Leowezy Leowezy Leowezy Leowezy
Second half of month (dates 16-31) Paxtar Paxtar Paxtar Paxtar

I've added myself into the table; I will try to update the main article today or tomorrow (since the other parts have already been updated very recently apparently). Little disclaimer, I will be gone again from the 14th June to 21st June and from the 13th of July to the 3rd of August :) Leowezy (talk) 18:54, 2 June 2016 (CEST)

I've done the update; I know there are one or two sentences in the article that are not completely "round", and I wish I would've gotten explicit permission by the owner, but I just... did it for now xD I think it's a very interesting article to read, and I will transmit improvements from the article to the main page preview. Have I missed anything during the update? Leowezy (talk) 00:02, 3 June 2016 (CEST)
This looks like you did it perfectly. As far as "permission" - I have always operated on the assumption that creators have some responsibility to "pay attention" and if they don't want their article nominated, to withdraw it during the nomination process (as you did with Gitaenhōlyuē). In general, I think the concept should be: if you publish your article on the wiki, that includes granting permission for it to be used on the main page. You can prevent inclusion as a featured article by using things like the {{Incomplete article}} template.--Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 00:55, 3 June 2016 (CEST)
I've added myself to the table, and will make the updates this weekend, assuming no difficulties. --Paxtar (talk) 03:34, 18 June 2016 (CEST)

@Leowezy & @Paxtar - Thank you for taking this on! Seeing you have both now made successful updates means that I can officially relax knowing that others can be doing the updates. It's always bad for an organization if only one person knows how to do something, so I think this is good for OGF!--Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 07:59, 19 June 2016 (CEST)

Foreign names / Noms étrangers

Hello everybody, I have a question: Is it preferable to specify the language of each page (if it's different from English) in the title, as the OpenStreetMap wiki?

Examples: FR:Uletha, FR:Commonie, PL:OGF:Często zadawane pytania, ES:OGF:Preguntas más frecuentes

Please share your opinion here!

Salut tout le monde, j'ai une question : est-il préférable de spécifier la langue de chaque page (si différente de l'anglais) dans le titre, comme le wiki d'OpenStreetMap ?

Exemples : FR:Uletha, FR:Commonie, PL:OGF:Często zadawane pytania, ES:OGF:Preguntas más frecuentes

Donnez vos avis ici !

Clément alias Azaz 0913 (talk) 14:48, 2 August 2016 (CEST)

Hi, Azaz! Currently, there are "other languages versions" of the main articles of OGF Wiki. Example: About OGF in spanish -- BMSOUZA (talk) 15:01, 2 August 2016 (CEST)
Yes, but that's not the issue. I asked if it was necessary to add "FR" or "ES" or "NL" before the title of a foreign language page for better readability (if the foreign name is the same, for example).
Oui, mais ce n'est pas le problème. Je demandais s'il était nécéssaire d'ajouter "FR" ou "ES" ou "NL" devant le titre d'une page en langue étrangère pour plus de lisibilité (si le nom étranger est le même, par exemple).
Azaz 0913 (talk) 20:57, 2 August 2016 (CEST)
I support this idea! Niels20020 (talk) 22:07, 2 August 2016 (CEST)
Hello, I modified the title of foreign FAQ pages and create a page that lists foreign pages. Oh, many pages :P !
Salut, j'ai modifié le titre des pages de FAQ étrangères et créé une page qui liste les pages étrangères. Oh, beaucoup de pages :P !
--Azaz 0913 (talk) 16:55, 7 August 2016 (CEST)

I think that it is a great idea, but do you think that we should use the real language name codes for the sites? Franquese (the OGF-word for "french"): That works for the shortening "FR:", but e.g. for the german language, I don't know if we should use "DE:" (Ger.: DEutsch), "GER:" (en.:GERman) or "GAE:" (OGF word for german: "GAErmanic").
Je pense, que ça est une bonne idée, mais est-ce que tu pense, qu'il faut que nous prennons les noms réels? Franquese (la définition OGF-ienne de français) : ça marche pour "FR:", mais pour allemand par example, je ne sais pas qu'il faut de nous prennons "DE:" (all.:DEutsch), "GER:" (angl.:GERman) ou "GAE:" (OGF-Anglais.:GAErmanic).
--Bstn (talk) 17:49, 7 August 2016 (CEST)
Good question! I thought taking the ISO 639-1 code of real languages (in the translations of the FAQ there is indeed "French" and not "Franquese") , but if someone wants to write in a OGF own language, it uses a fictive code.
Excellente question ! Je pensais prendre le code ISO 639-1 des langues réelles (dans les traductions de la FAQ il y a bien "français" et non "franquese"), mais si quelqu'un veut écrire dans une langue propre à OGF, il utilise un code fictif.
Ex. MA for Mazanic, YU for Yurean, CH for Chionovich, LA for Latinian, etc...--Azaz 0913 (talk) 11:52, 8 August 2016 (CEST)
Bien fait et merci Azaz 0913 --Udilugbuldigu (talk) 11:58, 8 August 2016 (CEST)

Disclaimer at the bottom

Can someone fill in the disclaimer part at the very bottom? At least for non-mappers of OGF. Just a thought. If you think unnecessary don't bother--Zhenkang (talk) 23:33, 9 February 2017 (CET)

Real-world symbol

I thought OGF didn't allow the use of RW emblems, but the current featured article is displaying the arms of Romania (in its pre-1947 royal form) as an OGF national coat of arms! --Pawl (talk) 06:41, 16 March 2017 (CET)


A lot of countries wrote that the main religion in their country is cristianity. Where did Jesus came from if there's no Israel, Judaism and Bible? --Ifgus (talk) 23:03, 2 April 2017 (EEST)

The OGF equivalent of Christianity is Christicism, but its origins and doctrines have never spelled out, and probably never should be. It would be good if those who refer to Christianity or other RW religions would change to OGF equivalents (or invent their own). --Pawl (talk) 22:56, 2 April 2017 (CEST)
You can map your land in an "christian" style - with churches and the palace of the arcbishop and all you want. That can be all. It is no need for a "holy land" as a fixed real OGF-Country. Please imagine, that this land is somewehere. --Histor (talk) 00:04, 3 April 2017 (CEST)

Header with clickable world map

Hi guys! I created this new header for the wiki's main page, what do you think?

The Encyclopedia of the fictional world of Opengeofiction
6,284 articles in English and counting
UlethaAntarephiaTarephiaArchantaErevaKartumiaOranoPelanesiaWorld Map.png

It features a clickable world map with links to continents and a search bar. It has direct links to the overview map, FAQ and about page. It works on desktop screens as well as on mobile devices. --Stjur (talkOGF) 10:20, 27 May 2017 (CEST)

Nice ! I like this :D It's a good idea to link the FAQ and the overview map directly on the header. --Azaz 0913 (talk) 11:09, 27 May 2017 (CEST)
Looks great! Niels20020 (talk) 12:30, 27 May 2017 (CEST)
Maybe we should change "English" to "Ingerish"? —tule00talk 23:56, 30 June 2019 (CEST)


I saw a previous discussion about the name of OGF planet but nothing was decided. Can I open this discussion again? I am want to use the planets on the Eshen Toller banknotes and I need to know how to call every planet (RW names after the roman gods?) and how to call our planet (Earth? Erth? Geon?) --Ifgus (talk) 17:45, 3 September 2017 (EEST)

Honestly, as long as we have not clearified basic things from the OGF planet like origin of christianity, I think we shouldn't move over to OGF space --Stjur (talkOGF) 16:54, 3 September 2017 (CEST)

Suggestion of 'In this month'...

You know in the Wikipedia Main page there is the 'On this Day' feature. I wonder if it is possible to do one here, but monthly instead of daily. --Happy mapping and may God bless you, ZK (talk) 11:54, 15 March 2018 (CET)

Vandalism deletion

Could you please delete this vandalism? It is on the under-construction territory and violates OGF:Verisimilitude. Also delete this and this city "experiments". Thanks! Qwertzuiop246 (talk) 18:04, 3 May 2018 (CEST).

Any established user who has the necessary editing skills is free to delete or revert obvious newbie vandalism in the ocean or the new continents. --Isleño (talk) 20:20, 3 May 2018 (CEST)

Main page suggestion: Slippy Map banner on the top

A nice aesthetic for the main page could be a thin slippy map banner on the top. --𝕿𝖍𝖊𝕽𝖚𝖑𝖊𝖗 𝕯𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖚𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖔𝖓 14:33, 16 February 2020 (CET)

New admin tab

An admin tab could look like this on the main page on the bottom.

What do you think? --𝕿𝖍𝖊𝕽𝖚𝖑𝖊𝖗 𝕯𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖚𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖔𝖓 20:23, 1 March 2020 (CET)

No. In general the admin account should be used for contacting admins. /wangi (talk) 23:44, 1 March 2020 (CET)