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Area 22,300,000 km2
Population 1,505,346,769
Number of countries 101
Demonym Tarephian

Tarephia is a continent mostly in the eastern hemisphere. It is almost evenly divided between the northern and southern hemispheres, and a smaller portion lies in the western hemisphere. To the north across the Strait of Abren is the continent of Uletha. In the east, the Sea of Uthyra separates Tarephia from the Liberan Peninsula. To the southeast is the Asperic Ocean, and to the south across the Strait of Lyc is Antarephia. The Hesperic Ocean lies to the west.

Much of the continent lies in the tropics and subtropics.


The names Tarephia and Antarephia can be traced to Baveili mythology. In Baveili mythology, the Tarephim were a race of winged humans. When the Baveilis landed on what is today the island of Tarephim in Meilan, they discovered caves containing depictions of winged humans. Believing that they had found the land of the winged humans, the Baveilis called the island Tarephim. As the Baveilis migrated westward through the Strait of Lyc, they eventually applied the name of Tarephim to the entire mainland.

When the Franquese arrived, they called region Tarephie, or Tarephia, as the Baveilis had referred to the land. Through the Franquese, "Tarephia" entered books and maps around the world. Today, "Tarephia" is used to refer to the entire continent.


Tarephian political map as of July 2019. Countries marked with red, are members of the TCC.

Deserts dominate the north of Tarephia. The Great Helion Desert is one of the largest deserts on the continent. To the northeast is the Serion Desert and the smaller Foare Desert. With the exception of the river that flows into the Ilemian Sea, most of the interior north is arid.

Equatorial Tarephia and southern Tarephia are more lush; rainforests and savannas cover much of the south.

Mountain Ranges


Bodies of Water

Old Political Map Of Tarephia


  • 1477: Van Pelt founded the New Holland Colony in eastern Latina
  • 1488: The brothers Bergez founded the castellán colony of Latina
  • 1498–1505: The Castellanese colony of Nuevo Taredo is established in what is now southern Avalon, Vodeo
  • 1536: Guilleaume Du Bois - coming from Vodeo - foundet his "private" colony in the western part of Latina
  • 1594: The Rhysiogan colony of New Cambria is established at Brynderwyn
  • 1616: Ingerland takes possession of the New Cambria colony from Rhysiog
  • 1725: The Ingerish colonies of Cambria and St Austell declare independence from the Ingerish Empire
  • 1760: Vodeo is formed as a full merger of Cambria and St Austell
  • 1766: The DuBios principality become part of Latina
  • 1824: Independence of Latina from Castellán
  • 1969: Termination of the Ingerish-Siriuwni Protective Treaty, independence of South Serion
  • 1984: The Tarephia Cooperation Council is established

List of countries

Country Capital Area (km²) Inhabitants Density (/km²) Remarks
Flag of Aeda.png Aeda Aeda ~235 (tbd) 138,440 589 Ingerish Overseas Territory
Allendea-Flag.png Allendea Catamia 105,803.28 9.103.948 43.56
BanderaDeAmmirice.png Ammirice Brusey 372,142 98,876,000 268.4
Balavalonia 867317.png Balavalonia Waeldstone 73,836,290
Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona Carante 64581 TBD
2band slovech.png Belgravia Slovech till 2014 part of 4band ukl.png Gran-Lusland
2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia Campo Verde till 2014 part of 4band ukl.png Gran-Lusland
Drapeaubro.png Broceliande Valoris 100 000 24 000 000 240
Template:Cabelia Mouzzin
Draco Bashkim 6,200,000 Opened its borders on August 8th 2015.
FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia Quentinsburgh
Flag of Gianniria.png Gianniria Protevousa 16,772,667
IT-Flag.JPG Islatramma Anaras 38,275,000
Latflag.png Latina Latina (Cidudad) 1,325,177 104,512,506 93
2band lusland.png Luslandia Alcântara till 2014 part of 4band ukl.png Gran-Lusland
AáaFlag1.png Ncadia Ncakjana 11682.19 ~2.5 million ~214
ParoyFlag.png Paroy Coleraine 396,445 61,350,340 154.8
Promissão Porto Providência 9,389.98
Mergany Flag.png Sant Elena Grünwick ~ ~ ~ Mergan overseas territory
Flag of South Serion.png South Serion Sitra 177,819.14 2,585,484 14.54
Sudharka Sudharka (city)
FLAGTARA.png Tara New Dublin 25,793 til 2011 a part of Latina
Targueral Briatacán 186,000
Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria Meilinmen 33,488 5,119,000 155
Flag of Valaga.png Valaga Valka
Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo Saviso 369,401 33,835,912 91.6


The continental union for Tarephia is the Tarephia Cooperation Council. In the south, the nations along the Straits of Lyc trade in the Lycene League.


As a testament to the historic colonization of Tarephia, the majority of the peoples speak the languages of the former colonial powers. Castellanese is the predominant national language, followed by Ingerish, Franquese, and Florescentian.

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