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8, -33.234, 137.060
State of Tauhon
FlagState Seal
"From sea to mountain"
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesLatinian/Castellanese
 • GovernorNicholas A. Norbrook
 • Vice GovernorSarah Dole
LegislatureTauhon State Legislature
 • Total73,983 km2
28,565 sq mi
 • Estimate (2015)10,489,220
 • Density141.8/km2
367.2/sq mi
GDP (PPP)2015
 • Total$673 billion
 • Per capita$64,198
TimezoneWUT +9

Tauhon (/ˈthɒn/), officially the State of Tauhon, is a state on the west coast of the Federal States of Archanta. It borders the Naobanian Sea to the west, Sierra to the east, and Clamash to the south. Its capital and most populous city is Jundah, whose surrounding metropolitan area is home to 75% of the state's population. Prior to gaining statehood in 1875, the region was under Castellanese and later Ingerish rule for many centuries. Tauhon is historically an agricultural region but since the 1980s has experienced a population boom and rapid economic development in other sectors. Today, Tauhon has one of the fastest growing state economies in the Federal States and is a national leader in healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, and maritime trade. The state is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the nation to live.


The name Tauhon originates from an indigenous language, although its meaning is unclear. Tauhon was previously a Castellanese colony, and later an Ingerish colony prior to Federal States independence. The first non-native settlement occurred in the 1790s in Jundah. Before becoming a state in 1875, Tauhon was an unorganized territory.


Tauhon is characterized by hilly and mountainous terrain, except for two flat regions: the San Felipe Basin in the west, which coincides with the Jundah metropolitan area, and the desert in the east. The San Felipe River flows west across the entire length of the state, and most agricultural activity occurs near the river and its tributaries.


The largest sectors in Tauhon's economy are trade, manufacturing, transportation, education and healthcare, and government services. Most of the state's economic activity occurs in the Jundah metropolitan area. Tauhon has an unemployment rate of 2.9%.


Tauhon's culture is similar to that of other west coast states. In particular, it has been heavily influenced by immigrants, especially those from former Castellanese colonies.

Both professional and college sports are popular in the region, and sporting events are highly attended.


Tauhon is consistently evaluated as one of the highest-performing states in public secondary education. Tauhon State University, the state public university system, has several campuses in all regions of the state, with its flagship campus in Jundah. Tauhon is also home to two prestigious private institutions, Jundah University and the Hastings Institute of Technology, as well as some of the highest-ranked medical programs in the nation.


The two primary motorways in Tauhon are Motorway 60 and Motorway 91. There are several more freeways in the Jundah metropolitan area, as well as an extensive network of state routes.

CapitalRail is a passenger rail service based at Jundah Central Station, and it serves the northwestern part of the state.

There are three commercial airports in Tauhon: Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport and J. P. Arenas International Airport, both in the Jundah metropolitan area, and Southern Tauhon Regional Airport.

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