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I'm Pawl (actually Paul, but I'm using the Welsh spelling here). I am English, but have been living and working in south Wales for the past few years. I've dreamt up countries over the years, including basic, high-level maps, but OSM-style mapping, with its level detail, is something new for me. As you may notice, I'm also keen on heraldry and flags, history and constitutional politics.

I have started a bliki here.

My countries at the moment are:

Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry

I'm not a Welsh speaker, but I've picked up bits and pieces of the language in recent years and thought it would be good to see what a purely Welsh-speaking country would look like (in real-world Wales, only about 10-15% of people use Welsh regularly; only 20% can speak it at all). Hence Tircambry ("land of the Cambry").

Wesmandy-national-flag.png Wesmandy

Wesmandy is a smaller, Ingerish-speaking country (therefore, much easier for me to think up names for!) across the water from Tircambry. The two countries have a close historical relationship.

I'm taking a very different approach to mapping Wesmandy. Instead of laying out the modern political geography and diving into a big, modern, city, I'm starting to map Wesmandy as it was in about 1400, and will then build it up from there to the modern day. I'm hoping this will give a more genuine, "organic", feel to the place, and easier to map than trying to think retrospectively how a modern place became what it is today. I'll be writing the history as I go, so although I know roughly where it's going - a modern, parliamentary monarchy - I'm not sure yet how it's going to get there!

Cernou-national-flag.png Cernou

Cernou is a small island state off the coast of Wesmandy (to which it once belonged). It is a Franquese-speaking country as a result of being settled by a Franquese-speaking contingent of the Knight Venturers in the 13th century.

Cernou is independent, but because of its size it depends heavily on Wesmandy for infrastructure and services. The currency is the Wesman pound, but local versions of notes and coins are produced, and it is referred to locally as the livre.

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