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I am Yuanls, from the UK. I have been drawing maps since I was a child, I have been a mapper on OGF since 2015. My main interests within the field of mapping are geopolitical and military history, the history of urban structural evolution and lastly, railway lines and their history. I have an extensive yet-expanding map collection.

Useful links

Wiki pages

Bliki (inactive)

I have an (inactive) Bliki. It details my mapping activity in Glaster, namely in Plowford and my most recent and most ambitious project, Ellmouth.


My sandbox pages are pretty much working drafts of existing wiki pages and contain more elaborate and fleshed-out narratives. They are mostly for personal reference; when I map I consider the sandbox narrative 'canon'. The sandbox narrative is not worth reading if one is not interested, it does not effect anybody else.

Ellmouth Highlights

Resources not on OGF

[1] The National Library of Scotland has digitised many old maps of the entire United Kingdom. It is a great place to go for historical mapping and to see how landuse and geographic environments have developed over time. There are maps there spanning the late 19th century to the 1950s, all can be overlaid onto present-day satellite imagery.

[2] An explanation and a link to SYtimescapes, an incredibly useful tool for any British mapper.

[3] Diary entry detailing ID shortcuts not evident on the current ID interface.

My projects

Glaster [4]

Glaster Flag.png Glaster is my main project territory, UL70D. It is a small and generally unremarkable country in east Uletha. It has existed through time since the 9th century in some form or another, once also being an Ingerish colony.

Southern Glaster features entirely UK-style mapping and is loosely based on a hand-drawn country named Glaster from my map collection. Northern Glaster has Eastern European influences, however I have not mapped in detail there as of yet. A future revamp of recent Glastian history is planned, so the Gastian wiki pages are frozen and I will be taking no international collaboration requests for the time being.

Agarderia [5]

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Agarderia is a side project, UL70C. Agarderia shared a common history with Glaster up to the 19th century. Since then it has seen more political instability than Glaster, being the victim of varying wars and coups. Agarderia is portrayed as a less-developed country recovering from conflict, but in a stable phase of government. It is Eastern Europe based and it also takes influences from my hand-drawn country of Glaster. Agarderian history is also subject to a revamp, as a result the same collaboration restrictions apply as they did for Glaster.


Laugar Island [6]

Laugar Flag.png Laugar Island is an island off the Commonian coast of Charlington. It has a complex, unofficial history and is intended to serve as a baseline for high-quality Commonian mapping: a poor, chaotic and developing region. An emphasis is put on natural landscapes with very few main roads or street grids. Most of the urbanisation is haphazard. It is a small, 'holiday' destination for me when I have exhausted mapping in Glaster.

Katsnelson [7]

For my first year on OGF I mapped only in North Commonia, partially based around British town design and naming, and partially my own style and design, influenced by British mapping. I created much of Katsnelson and was the sole creator of Monksbury, as well as 4 villages to the West of the former. All are now inactive, although I check back on the area on a regular basis to ensure mapping there remains at a high standard. Wiki articles on Katsnelson can be found under the 'K' section of Commonia's category page.


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