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About myself
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zw 这用户的母语是华语
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"Never try to invade my country."
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“One does not create a dictatorship to safeguard a revolution. One creates a revolution to safeguard a dictatorship.”
~ O-Brien in 1984.

I am zhenkang, a Singaporean mapper in OGF since November 2016. I am the proud owner of the militaristic country of Flag of Kuehong.png Kuehong and the great glorious country of the Bai flag.png Bai Empire. If you have any queries (like whether fantasy mapping gives you the death penalty in Kuehong[1] or when the Bai monarchy will be dissolved), you can send me a message through the OGF inbox.

Besides geofiction, I like to compose music in my free time. I am also interested in trains, so you can also find me on Wikipedia, where I (sometimes) edit articles concerning Singapore's train system.

(The above information is valid as of June 2021. It may change after I am banned, so I prefer if you just go to my main profile to learn more about me in the future.)

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Antigo sandbox resources

Fictional in-world biography

Zhenkang (pseudonym) was a former official as Head of the National Cartography and Land Survey, where he made maps and publishes them occasionally for Antigoan media. He was forced to defect from the country due to a minor mistake he made in his duties, and has successfully emigrated to Kuehong through his connections.

Personal directory

Quick directory to users, Don't be disheartened if you are not here. There are many talents out there and I can't include all of them.

  • Luciano (on topomap, natural features (especially coastlines), anything technical)
  • Histor (grid and tramway mapping)
  • Sude (natural features, spanish mapping, coat of arms and flags)
  • Udi (conlang, great at drawing features on small islands, especially natural features, and like his thinking of strange politics and culture, besides his languages)
  • Newflanders (has the ability to do various mapping features, especially historic ones. Able to do photoshop like banknotes and stuff)
  • Eklas (rail expert. check his bliki entries as well!)
  • Stjur (has a rather no-nonsense attitude but is able to do cultural mapping, speaks quite a number of languages and knowledgable, good for seeking advice if necessary)
  • Louis Walker (great mapper, especially for his recent collaborations to create Middle Eastern nations. Has some great knowledge on urban design so you can approach him if necessary)
  • Lyriax (good at mapping airports and railways)
  • BMSOUZA (bus and football enthusiast, has done some great South American urban areas]
  • Mstr (another one with a no-nonsense attitude, his urban mapping may be quite questionable but he is good at mapping industries and wiki templates)
  • Turnsole80 (great English mapping, especially his works in New Ingerland. Don't miss out his neighbour Toadwart as well!)
  • Oneofbeatlefan (has great photoshop skills, plus his great mountain mapping in northern Wallea)
  • Yuanls (also has great photoshopping skills, at least for some basic designs. He also has great English mapping as well in Glaster. Nicely-written out histories for his various articles, though they may be non-cannon given the changing landscape of Commonia.]

See also

  1. The merciful military will consider not giving you the death penalty but you must go through re-education and have your Internet access removed. That's all.