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The Glynian Sea (Dagelandic: Glienzee, Lechian: Morze Glinickie) is the western marginal sea of the Great North Sea in Northern Uletha. The sea forms a border between Dagelanden and Lechia.

The Glynian Sea has several bays. In the south is the large Pogorian Bay, which is the connection with the Great Rift Sound via the Strait of Utta and the Soen. Other bays are the Bay of Zazan in the east and the Darbno Bay in the west.


The name of sea comes from the Old Lechian word gliwica which meant swampy coast with wide beaches. Several backshores caused about thousand years ago problems with shipping. In 10th century, sea was known as Morze Gliwickie, but there were many different names. At the turn of 14th and 15th century word gliwica turned into glinica[1] what caused also change of sea name. In 1652, the Principal Department of Water Management (Główny Urząd Gospodarki Wodnej - GUGW) set official Lechian name to Morze Glinickie.

The name glinica became common under Dagelandic trading ships in the 15th century. They turned the word into glien which they could pronounce better. During the 16th and 17th century the name Glienzee became common.

Old Lechian names

  • Swamp Sea (Morze Bagienne) - second most popular name until 14th century.
  • East Sea (Morze Wschodnie)
  • Dagelandic Sea (Morze Daglandzkie)

Old Dagelandic names

  • Small North Sea (Klein Noordzee)
  • Swamp Sea (Draszee)


Major cities on the Glynian Sea are:


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  1. This word is similar to glina which means clay. There are large deposits of clay near sea, mostly in northern part of coast.